Online Classes During This Time
Hello all, we are moving to using online classes through zoom to keep everyone engaged. Come and check it out on our Facebook!
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U.S. Taekwondo Center
3478 Research Pkwy A
Colorado SpringsCO 80920
 (719) 495-0909
Character. Discipline. Work Ethic.

Taekwondo school Colorado Springs, CO

Participating in Taekwondo provides several benefits to both your mental and physical health. Since these are burning topics for people of all ages in today's busy world, U.S. Taekwondo Center helps you enjoy the satisfaction Taekwondo provides. From increased self-esteem and confidence to physical strength and stamina, students gain a new focus in life that reduces stress. 

At U.S. Taekwondo Center, we value six main components: respect, leadership, diligence, teamwork, focus, and courage. Through our values, we help students develop into smart citizens. Our foundation lies in the roots of this Korean martial art that has a way of transforming lives.

Our Taekwondo Program Offerings

Children · Family · Adult · Self-Defense


Child Programs

Ages 4 to 16

Set your kids on a path to improved confidence, self-discipline, and a better lifestyle through Taekwondo. Your child can enjoy a fun, after-school activity that develops character and physical fitness. Students learn how to tackle effective decision making when faced with strangers, attackers, and bullies. Each student has the chance to work their way up to a black belt.

Family Programs

Adults and Children Ages 4+

Turn the whole family into a team of warriors! Taekwondo provides the entire family with an opportunity to increase physical and mental health. Imagine what it must be like to get home from work, pick the kids up, and have a fun activity to enjoy together because family martial arts provides just that. Starting at the age of 4, we teach children, parents, and grandparents in the same classroom.

Adult Programs

Ages 16+

Whether this is your first time learning Taekwondo or you're looking for a new school, we help you train no matter what. Adults can start as early as a white belt and work their way all the way up to their first-degree black belt and beyond. With our programs, you can experience the many benefits associated with Taekwondo, like stress relief, improved physical ability, and increased strength. More importantly, you might begin to see an increase in your ability to concentrate at work.

Self-Defense Programs

Ages 16+

If looking for a way to protect yourself and others, study Taekwondo. Unlike other martial arts that only focus on forms, choreographed moves, and competitions, Taekwondo focuses on helping those serve our military and law enforcement. In addition to helping military members and first responders, everyday civilians can learn non-violent coping skills for hostile situations that might occur.


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Business Hours:

Business Hours:

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